Finnaly i had the chance ti see this movie, i mean i found time to go to the cinema 😛

Well… what can i say? it is the best movie that i saw since…. ever actually! why am i saying this?

Because it has the power to send you in the movie, i know 3D helpped a lot, but the secret was the subject of the movie. This movie it really has a story! A good and strong story! Which is, obviously a nice and love story, but in the same time is a sad story.  Why? Because for me is clear. If in one day humanity will have to choose for real, what to do, i am SURE and absolutely positive that they will choose the same. Because money rulles, beecause it doesn’t matter what, where and whom you destroy! Even if this means an entire civilisation.

At the end of the movie… there is a scene where it shows all the area destroied, it made me cry? Because… there are some people, even in our days, that have the feeling  they are God, that they have the power to do anything, and if this anything would’ve been something good it would be great, but they are not doing good, they are doing bad… They are playing with people’s life like they are toys…

What is the reality of the movie? The fact that what was happening to Pandora, is happening to us every day… at a lower level, but it happens…