Why do we wake up disappointed?

Because this world is full of people… and because what people do best is to disappoint!

It seems this is the easyest thing to do… why bother… at the end of the day it is easyer to say „i am sorry” then to think twice … or at least… to think.

I am amased i am not used with it yet!… i am amased it is still surprising me…

But „this is the world we live in” like Slobodan just told me… so yeah… people will always screw you when they have the chance, because everybody thinks only at them self and at their life level.. to defend their back… never yours!

So… allow me to say: watch out! Look around you twice and take tones of care to whom you trust!

That’s all from Monica’s desk, i pass on the connection to YOU!

And a Crocus for me, just because it is my favourite flower… and because I CAN!


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